8oz Bikini Firm Sugar Wax
Blue Milk & Honey

8oz Bikini Firm Sugar Wax

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Customers can wrap their skin in our most novel sugaring paste.

It will remove fine to coarse hairs, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth even during the harsh winter months. Firm sugar wax is a softer alternative to hard wax.

This innovative texture is a bit firmer than soft caramel candy and can be used with or without a wax stip. Blue Milk & Honey's exclusive firm sugaring wax is best for those who prefer something in-between traditional soft and hard sugar waxes. While the texture is softer than hard wax, it still can be used like hard wax until it warms to body temperature, then they can use it as a soft wax.

Made with all-natural ingredients that are eco-friendly, and 100% free of additives, dyes, and phthalates.

Made in USA.

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