About Us

 For an entrepreneur, their business is either one they've dreamt of for years or one that had way of finding them unexpectedly. Unexpectedly, is the exactly how Gisele Gardner opened The Bikini Room . If things had gone according to plan, she would have been a Marine Biologist. Gisele moved to Kaua'i from Brazil in the late 90's to study Marine Biology. One of the biggest struggles for her was the lack of Brazilian bikinis offered. Her mother would send small boxes of bikinis from Brazil every other month since there were none available on island. That one box every tother month , turned into monthly boxes because her friends loved them as much as she did. They became such a hit that the company that she was buying from offered her a position to become their Hawaiian rep. providing her enough inventory so she could open a store.v "My business was born from necessity" says Gisele. "No one was offering Brazilian bikinis on Kauai back then...".
(part of article from Aloha for Kauai interview).

After 25 years in business, The Bikini Room now offers their own Bikini label , with their own designs and prints. We have dresses , pants , one pieces, tops and bottoms, all made with the most silky and soft lycra you can find! We use eco friendly material for all our pieces that are designed in Hawaii , and still, made in Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil , keeping the original connection alive.