Our fabric... Why is it so soft and buttery?

Where Sustainability Meets Style

For 25 years, The Bikini Room in Hanalei, Kauai, has been redefining swimwear with a perfect blend of fashion and environmental responsibility. 

Developed with pioneering Brazilian technology, The Fluity -(CO2)® is designed for quick decomposition in landfills, reducing the environmental impact. Enhanced by Rhodia® and Solvay®, this fabric decomposes in around five years, compared to decades for traditional nylon.

The Fluity -(CO2)® fabric is part of the CO2control® family by Santaconstancia, offering extreme softness, a flexible fit, and exceptional comfort. With UV protection 50+ and certified free of toxic chemicals, it ensures both safety and style.

Committed to sustainability, we collaborate with SABESP for the responsible use of industrial water in dyeing and printing, further reducing our environmental footprint.

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and eco-conscious design with The Bikini Room. Dive into sustainable style today!